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Are you thinking about applying for a credit card , but you are not sure how to find your way around it? On this page we offer all information about the Credit Card, how to apply for a credit card and the different types of Visa and Mastercards and how to use them.

The Credit Card is the ideal payment method for consumers who want to have the ease of payment at hand. The Visa card can be compared to a Personal loan, you now own an amount and pay it back later. So you actually take out a loan on a debit card which will be repaid afterwards.

Request credit card

The best known credit card is from Visa and is an accepted payment method worldwide. They now have the Visa card. With the use of this credit card you are not only assured of safe and secure payment, you also contribute to a better environment. It is not the case that you are going to pay extra for this now, with the Visa card you will continue to use the Creditcard for less.

All the benefits of the Visa card Credit card at a glance

  • Secure payment everywhere: security guarantee and cancellation of paid amount (Free purchases insured for 180 days)
  • Contributing to a better world
  • Flexible repayment
  • Service & Extra benefits
  • Only € 25 per year
  • Within a week and a half at home
  • Worldwide most accepted payment card.
  • 24/7 fraud prevention.
  • Internet guarantee *: you get your money back if it appears that your credit card has been committed fraud
  • Delivery guarantee *: if your order is not delivered, you do not have to pay anything.
  • Pay monthly in arrears = personal loan
  • Possibility of staggered repayment with credit card request.
  • Determine your monthly amount yourself.
  • Discounts on vacations and others.

What is a credit card?

As said, the Credit Card is nothing more than a debit card that allows you to make purchases that you pay back to the credit company afterwards. As with any other loan, the amount of your spending limit on the payment card depends on your creditworthiness. Your income, personal situation, other costs / loans and a major role play a role in this .

Big advantages, and with that also the popularity is a part of, is that the credit card can be used everywhere. You can use this to pay in restaurants, shops, supermarkets, hotels and virtually anywhere on the internet / websites. This makes the Credit Card of course a very useful payment method because you no longer have to carry any contact money with you.

The credit card is nowadays also accepted worldwide. That is why people nowadays prefer this method of payment when they go on holiday. Just as with a debit card, a pin code is required to use the credit card.

Credit card and ATMs

Another big advantage of the credit card is that you can also make contact with money and cash machines. This is also possible if the global money / ATM bearing the Visa or MasterCard logo. In this case you can assume that you can safely withdraw money from your spending room at home and abroad.

The latter is an important part to pay attention to when you decide to take a credit card. It is advisable to always take out a subscription with a company that is known. In addition, the conditions are very important when taking out a credit card.

Above you will find an overview of all Visa credit cards. These are the most reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly credit cards of the moment!

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