How Much Credit Can I Get?

How many times of my salary can I get credit , how many times my salary comes out of credit, how many times the salary is given credit, how many times the salary is given credit all the information about the calculation is in the continuation of our article. Insured employees can often apply for bank product loans for urgent cash needs. Given this situation, how many times do I get credit for that specific laws for the use of the salary credit can occur such questions. As this is protected by law, you are only eligible for a legally determined amount of your salary. How is this ratio calculated? How many times can I get my salary? Let’s examine it together.


Is Insurance Enough to Attract Credit?

You must be insured to receive credit, but it is not enough. Being insured doesn’t necessarily mean that you can use a loan. If you want to use a loan, you should analyze your income and make a calculation based on that. Making an application without specifying the amounts when applying for a loan may result in a rejection of the loan. One of the mistakes that will be made during the loan application may be to write your income incorrectly. If you misspell revenue, you can hang out here when the bank requests proof of income from you, and you can refuse the loan application.

Since you can withdraw credits up to a certain amount of your salary, you must first learn this well and tailor your needs accordingly. If you have not applied for a loan before, you can calculate and analyze your needs along with the tables below. You can also find calculations specific to all types of loans in our tables. So how many times can I get my salary? How many times the salary is given credit?


How Much Credit Can I Get?

Banks evaluate loan applications through certain calculations in accordance with the laws set forth in the loan allocation. For example, the salary of a person who will be attracted to the loan will be taken into account 40 % to 70% of the loan is equivalent to the part. Of course, this amount includes monthly payments. These calculations determine the maximum monthly installment of the loan installment and the loan application is evaluated on this basis. However, it is important to remember that these amounts are not exact and determined amounts. These amounts may vary from bank to bank. So how do these calculations, how many times can I withdraw my salary? For this, you can reach the tables where we make examples with the last part of our article.


How Much Can I Get A Loan?

Banks in Turkey gives loans with a maximum maturity of 36 months. Some banks are able to extend 60-month consumer loans with the campaigns they have determined. In addition, some banks may limit the amount of consumer loans. For example, it may not give loans over TL 50,000 , but in this case it may vary from bank to bank because it is not certain. Therefore, considering the changes between banks, we can say that it would be very useful to follow the current campaigns.

The above information is valid only for general purpose loans. For example, for vehicle loans, you can use up to 70% of the vehicle amount. The most important factor that determines the loan amount in housing loans is the amount to be determined by the assessor who will come to your house for the house. There is no minimum and maximum value as a credit assessment will be made on the amount determined for the house.


How many times can I withdraw my salary?

Now it’s time to calculate the amount of credit you can withdraw according to your salary. Below you can find the maximum amount of credits that can be withdrawn by the person who receives 1000 TL salary and 2,000 TL salary . The calculations below are completely invalid and the algorithms that banks will consider are completely different. However, these accounts are accepted as the closest calculation reality.

Salary Amount Monthly Installment Maximum Amount
$ 1,000 700 $ 25,000
$ 2,000 1400 $ 50,000


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