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What if you had the chance to make your long-awaited dream come true, would you grab it or let someone or something get in your way?

When it comes to making a wish come true, many people say that money is the biggest obstacle for them. We at Seratum believe that everyone sometimes needs support and encouragement to say yes to life’s opportunities.

Life is short, so it has to be lived in the best way.


Look at our payday loans direct lenders! 

Make your plans come true with fast credit

Whether it is to pursue a long-term goal or simply to deal with daily expenses, for many people a payday loan direct lender is the shortest solution when they need money.

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No evil comes alone

We have all heard the saying “no evil comes only”. Often, when an expense occurs, a second and a third occurs at the same time. Sometimes this happens. In these situations, a payday loan without a guarantor can bring a ray of light and fill the gaps in your budget by the next payday, quickly and discreetly.


When you have something to celebrate

No evil comes alone

You’ve been planning the “big day” for months. Once the wedding invitations are sent out, the venue is reserved, the catering is paid and the dress is purchased, you have to hire a DJ and photographer, but you need very little. To make your memories of these life events happy, count on Seratum. Get Money Up to 4000 BGN Quickly


In an emergency

Feeling that over the past few weeks, drinking cold drinks has caused you pain and discomfort in your jaw. And, over the weekend, the pain becomes intolerable and emergency dental treatment is required. In such situations, money should not be another problem.


When you need to get things moving

When you have the opportunity to fulfill your wish

Whether your car is just breaking down or you are planning to repair it, credit without a guarantor is a great solution to dealing with problems. You can buy a bicycle or cover the first installment for a lease or purchase a second-hand car.

Seratum is for whatever your short-term needs are.


When you have the opportunity to fulfill your wish

A payday loan without a Seratum guarantor is a fast, easy and discreet way to fill your budget when you need money urgently.

To apply, fill out the application form on our site, which takes a few minutes and upon approval, you will receive the money the same day.

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