How To Save Money From Today

Start saving money slowly, but start today!

Received, spent. This is how it happens with the salary of most Brazilians. According to a survey conducted by the West Bank, 62% of consumers in the country claim not to have the habit of saving money.

This is not good news. Of course, our current economic climate does not encourage savings, but that does not mean that planning is not important. Saving money provides a safety mattress for unexpected expenses and forces us to spend less than we earn.

And when it comes time to make a major purchase, you’ll be glad you’ve saved up. So, for you to Learn More how to save or from where to get money, we’ve separated some tips below that will make this task much easier!

Start with $ 10. Literally $ 10. Set up a savings account today and deposit this amount into it. Do not feel embarrassed by the value, thinking that it is little, the important thing is to begin.

You can set up an automatic transfer from your value account directly to savings. Ideally, it happens as close to the day you receive your payment as possible, so you have no chance of spending the money.

After that, see what happens. Almost certainly, you’ll still have food on the table, a roof over your head and clothes on your back. Once you prove that you can survive and save money at the same time, increase your monthly contribution to $ 20 or $ 30 a month.

Over time, perhaps, you could increase the value even more. But the first goal is to prove to yourself that saving money is not a seven-headed animal.



Eliminate “fats” in your spending!

One of the most important things you need to do when trying to save money is good financial planning. That means giving a good hard look at your current spending. It is the hardest step (especially if you avoid looking at your bank statement as if you are afraid of assumptions), but this has a big impact in the long run.

You should look from the largest to the smallest expenses: from the signature of the Telecine on your cable TV you can cut and reduce this monthly expense, up to the cheese bread you buy at the diner every day before going to work and that could be avoided by drinking coffee at home. At the end of the month, these cuts will make a big difference to save money.



Consolidate your debt with an online personal loan

If you graduated from college with more credit card debt than you would like, you are not alone – buying on credit is a trap that attracts many Brazilians. Instead of panicking every time your bills come in at the end of the month, a good tip is to try to consolidate your debt.

There are many ways to do this nowadays, either by transferring all your credit to one card (and not having several different banks) or by seeking a personal loan online with a lower interest rate.

Lower rates will help you pay for everything faster. Eliminating your debt is one of the best ways to make your salary pay off to save money – and the truth be told, having to contribute a portion of your paycheck to pay what you owe is already going to prepare you to make your regular contributions to your account savings every month.

And remember: do not leave for tomorrow what you can get today. The saying may seem cliché, but when it comes to your financial health, it could not be truer.

What if you had the chance to make your long-awaited dream come true, would you grab it or let someone or something get in your way?

When it comes to making a wish come true, many people say that money is the biggest obstacle for them. We believe that everyone sometimes needs support and encouragement to say yes to life’s opportunities.

Life is short, so it has to be lived in the best way.

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